Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Unison Warrior Series - Vermillion Bloodline Booster Pack B11 2nd Edition

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    Second Edition printing of the Vermillion Bloodline set for the DBS Card Game. Powerful villains gather in UW2, the main theme is 'Subjugation'.

    Characters such as Majin Buu: Xeno, controlled by the Dark Dragon Ball, and more subjugated characters arise as powerful enemies! UW2 will contain a whole lot of powerful characters on both good and evil sides!

    • 292 Cards across the full set: 60 Common, 38 Uncommon, 30 Rare, 23 Super Rare, 10 Special Rare and 3 Secret Rare.
    • Lots of cards to help get you started playing the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

    • 12 Cards Per Pack

    - £4.00

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