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    Add a Commander – a powerful hero character with unique abilities and rules – to your DRUKHARI kill team with this set. It contains a multipart plastic COMMANDER miniature, a set of cards packed with exclusive rules and a sheet of tokens for use in-game:

    -A Warboss: this multipart plastic kit is used to represent VYSA KHARAVYXIS – or the Commander of any Drukhari kill team you wish

    -A datacard for VYSA KHARAVYXIS , featuring her characteristics, weapons, abilities and specialisms, along with a card featuring her background

    -A card featuring VYSA KHARAVYXIS skill tree – Drukhari specialisms which can only be used by that character - 5 Drukhari Commander Tactics Cards, including 2 Tactics exclusive to this set

    -A sheet of tokens for use in games of Kill Team



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