Western Legends

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    Western legends by Kolossal games is a sandbox game set in the wild west. Players get to wrangle cattle, pan for gold, play poker and choose the path and story they write to wild west fame or infamy.

    Quality components include the 3D general store that holds all the upgrade cards, the classic poker cards look like they are straight out of a spaghetti western and the box and board art fit perfectly with a muted sepia wash and beautiful dusty western scenes.

    Characters are all well-known, historic American west staples including native Americans, deputies and outlaws.

    As a sandbox game, players get to choose their playstyle; go after the outlaws, pan for gold and wrangle cattle, earn legendary points and move up the marshal track or rob the bank and other players and rustle cattle to become legendary through moving up the wanted track.

    Whether arresting outlaws, fighting bandits or holding up the bank, combat is resolved using poker cards that contain additional actions. Panning for gold requires dice rolling and you can even earn money playing poker with other players.

    Money is used to upgrade your character actions, increase your fire power or buy a horse so you can move further.

    Each turn there can be random events you have to manage and story cards that you achieve allowing you to gain additional bonuses.

    Players are competing to become a true western legend and the game end is triggered when one player gains a predetermined number of legendary points.

    The cattle provide some end game scoring options which can allow for swings in legendary status and the two tracks also provide bonuses at different stages. The options and stories you play out are endless and provide a unique feel to this immersive game.

    Can you become a true Western legend?

    Number of players 2-6
    Play time 60-90 mins
    Age 10+

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