Boss Minis Loyalty Scheme

What is the Boss Minis Loyalty Scheme and how does it work?

The Boss Minis Loyalty Scheme (BMLS) is our way of thanking our customers for your support throughout the year – it really does mean a lot to us to see you all, week in week out or when you are on your annual holidays in Weymouth.

Each time you spend £20 or more in store, you get a stamp on your loyalty card – get 10 stamps and get a reward. Only 1 stamp may be claimed each day per customer

What are the benefits the Boss Minis Loyalty Scheme?

The benefits will vary at times, but include discounts and exclusive Boss Minis Merch. Please ask staff in store or via our social channels for current rewards.

How do I join and what does it cost

The BMLS is free to join – just ask a member of staff for a card, we will create you a profile on our till system and sign you up to our newsletter, ensuring you always know the latest releases, restocks, offers and events at Boss Minis.

Boss Miniatures & Gaming reserve the right to amend or withdraw any and all benefits of the scheme at any time and without notice should the business need require it, though this is not the intent